A test day with TV Station – TVN TURBO

To be able to reflect the automotive world in a better way, we need real data, information on how the car behaves in a real environment. This involves visits on the track, were using the car for drifting, we are allowed to collect the most accurate parameters.

During one of these days, TVN TURBO accompanies our team. The TV station produced a report on the process of creating games as part of the Gearshift project. The project aims to create a physics engine that will be the basis for the next games we create. Behind the steering wheel of the drifting car was none other than Łukasz Tasiemski, who is responsible for the physics of DRIFT21. He is one of the best sim-drifter in the world and a professional drifting driver. Łukasz not only talked about how work on the project looks but also took the TVN Turbo team for a demonstration ride to show the world of drifting in the best possible way.

Returning to the car tests. The data was collected through the huge amount of sensors that were installed in the car.

These data will be successively sent to our AI specialists and will be used in our games.

Reportage available on the platform Player. pl


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